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Alfa Romeo design history

A famous Italian brand Alfa Romeo is known for producing stylish, high-performance cars.
The company was established under the name ital. Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (abbr.A.L.F.A ) in Milan in 1910. Ugo Stella was the founder and the first managing director of the company and Giuseppe Merosi created the first car design for Alfa. The vehicle immediately captured the auto market due to its remarkable design, comfort, maneuverability and rapidity.
In 1915 new management of A.L.F.A. company was hired. Nikola Romeo whose name was appended to ALFA, became a director and made a lot of efforts to improve driving performance of the vehicle.
The company took part in various competitions, racings and contests to show reliability and rapidity of the car. The first vehicle released under the new brand name Alfa Romeo was Torpedo 20-30 HP. However, the most successful model of those times is considered Alfa Romeo RL, which was nicknamed «little Rolls-Royce» by British. After the Second World War Alfa Romeo produced cars which surprised with their sporty power. In 50s an engineer O. Satti managed to combine the best qualities of racing and family cars. Since 1986 the company has been a part of Fiat Group.

dash kits for Alfa Romeo
dash trim kits for Alfa Romeo

New flagship, Alfa Romeo 164, with a body from Pininfarina was a huge success at Frankfurt Motor Show in 1987. An elegant and streamlined sedan had "tipofore" design features which Alfa Romeo developed together with FIAT and 8MB companies. Alfa Romeo made a lot of technical innovations and design decisions which were copied by other automobile manufacturers. Thus, Alfa Romeo has gained a reputation of a fashion initiator and its brand cabin design is easily recognizable.
The company continued car production focusing on sporty cars.
Alfa Romeo Brera is one of the most popular Italian sport cars which has a splendid design, driving performance, build quality, reliable grip and unique engine.

Alfa Romeo is an amazing Italian sports car. For the last ten years the car has been recognized to be the best vehicle manufacturer in Europe (the company belongs to Fiat Group).

Alfa Romeo cars are very reliable and have stylish exterior, elegant interior and modern technologies. Each model either it is a coupe or a hatchback or a convertible or a sedan or a station wagon is built taking into consideration comfort of a driver and passengers and aiming at impressive design. All vehicles independently of the year of release and a designer have two common features such as sporty power and elegance.

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