Without removing the red liner and exposing the adhesive, make sure each piece fits each part of your dash correctly in its designated place. Do not start the installation if something is missing, doesn't match or looks damaged, please contact us right away. Air temperature during the installation process should be at least 60F, otherwise 3M tape may not adhere properly.

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Step 1.
Start off by dry-fitting your dash trim pieces on the vehicle's dash. Note correct placement and use a pencil to outline the pieces for placement reference. Once you feel comfortable aligning the pieces on the dash, proceed to step 2.


Step 2.
Clean all the surfaces of the dash receiving dash trim with the isopropyl alcohol wipes included in your kit. If you have had Armor All or any other repellent applied to the dash, you'll need to repeat the cleaning process 3 to 4 times as 3M tape will not stick to dusty/oily surfaces. A good way to test if your dash is clean enough for kit installation is to stick a piece of masking tape on an area you have cleaned. If the tape sticks easily you are ready for installation. If the tape does not stick readily you will need to repeat the cleaning process.

NOTE: You can also use a common household rubbing alcohol to clean the designated installation surface if needed.


Step 3.
To use the adhesive promoter stick, break the inner tube by pressing on the black dot on the promoter stick. Then very gently squeeze the promoter stick to start the flow to the brush, when you see the brush start to wet stop squeezing. Apply the adhesive promoter (paint brush style) only to the areas of dash receiving trim. Once the adhesive promoter is open, it starts to dry, so apply the entire adhesive promoter to the dash before proceeding to step 4.

NOTE: The adhesive promoter should only be used on thin or bent trim parts or around air vents. In most situations, the 3M backing is sufficient by itself.


Step 4.
Once you feel comfortable laying the trim pieces in place and have cleaned the dash, you are ready to start installing the dash trim kit pieces. Gently peel the red backing from the dash trim piece.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to warm up the overlay pieces that go over curved surface areas as it will help the trim pieces to shape to the surface area better. You may use a heat gun or a hair dryer to warm up the pieces.


Step 5.
Gently lay the trim piece into place on the vehicles dash. Use a finger tip to gently tack the trim into the place while you make the final alignment adjustments. Press the trim piece firmly into place with your fingers. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the remaining dash trim pieces.


Step 6.
Once you have finished installing all the trim pieces, go back over each piece and give it a good firm press all over paying special attention to the corners and any pieces which bend. This is just to make sure you have gotten the entire piece to adhere properly.


Step 7.
Once you have finished pressing all the pieces into the place, you are ready to clean and enjoy your new dash kit. Use your clean, lint free soft cloth to remove the finger prints and smudges caused by the installation. Please do not use any chemicals to clean the dash kit as it may damage the polyurethane layer.



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